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Availability ended 15/11/2020 GMT

Older Than The Crown

Availability ended 15/11/2020 GMT
(now-15 Nov worldwide) Older Than The Crown follows the trial of Sinixt tribal member Rick Desautel who in 2010 was charged with hunting as a non resident and without a proper permit in Canada. Rick harvested an elk on the ancestral land of the Sinixt people in Vallican British Columbia Canada. To the Sinixt, hunting on ancestral land is an aboriginal right gifted to them by Creator. A right that has legally been denied to the Sinixt people since 1956 when the Canadian government unjustly declared them extinct in Canada, despite the nearly 3,000 members existing on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington State. Now with the Desautel Hunting Case, the Sinixt people have a chance to not only bring light to their unjust extinction by the Canadian government, but also abolish the declaration completely.

Decolonising Cultural Spaces: Living Cultures Project

Availability ended 15/11/2020 GMT
(now - 15 Nov worldwide) Decolonising Cultural Spaces is a feature documentary part of the Living Cultures project coordinated by InsightShare, Oltoilo la Maa (Voice of the Maasai) and Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford in partnership with MAA Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. The documentary follows a delegation of seven Maasai representatives from Tanzania and Kenya spending two weeks in the UK working alongside British museums to decolonise cultural spaces by making them aware of their colonial history and how this can be addressed responsibly.

Pride Land

Availability ended 15/11/2020 GMT
(12 Oct - 15 Nov worldwide) Maasai video collective Oltoilo Le Maa speak directly about their community's quest for self-determination and acknowledgement of their rights, and respect from other stakeholders to manage Maasai lands in the traditional way for the benefit of wildlife, the environment and Maasai culture. Oltoilo Le Maa produced with the support of InsightShare Network and A Growing Culture.

Earthquake of Time +PANEL

Availability ended 31/10/2020 GMT
(31 Oct worldwide 24hr special view +PANEL The invasion of Western Europe has imposed a conception of linear time to the circular cosmos vision of the Indigenous people of Latino America. From the military regime of the Spanish Colony, to the establishing of the republics in the 19th century, the cultural and territorial resistance of the Mapuche nation symbolises to the Republic of Chile a tectonics of divergent levels confronting the neoliberalism of the 21st century. This documentary essay explores the earthquakes, the republic, the ancestors, the mining industry and the concept of time as symbols of the Chilean and Mapuche identities; as their parallel realities turn in opposite directions.