Earthquake of Time

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(15–17 Oct worldwide) The invasion of Western Europe has imposed a conception of linear time to the circular cosmos vision of the Indigenous people of Latino America. From the military regime of the Spanish Colony, to the establishing of the republics in the 19th century, the cultural and territorial resistance of the Mapuche nation symbolises to the Republic of Chile a tectonics of divergent levels confronting the neoliberalism of the 21st century. This documentary essay explores the earthquakes, the republic, the ancestors, the mining industry and the concept of time as symbols of the Chilean and Mapuche identities; as their parallel realities turn in opposite directions.

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Director Bio

Gian Marcos Godoy is a Mexican filmmaker and architect, co-founder of Trenhorne Films with Esther Anderson, and founder of Cinema Imaginaire. His recent work investigates the narratives of coloniality, memory and time and his documentary essay EARTHQUAKE OF TIME was awarded the Audiovisual Essay Prize at the 12th Human Rights Film Festival of Valparaíso (Chile, 2018).

Trenhorne Films is a production and distribution company specialising in films about artists of African descent of high cultural significance. With Trenhorne Films Gian Marcos directed THE THREE DUMAS (Official Selection Portobello Film Festival) and premiered BOB MARLEY: THE MAKING OF A LEGEND (Official Selection at Edinburgh International Film Festival and at Jamaica Film Festival).

Cinema Imaginaire was founded to further his work producing social and cultural narratives.


Directed by Gian Marcos Godoy

Production Company Cinema Imaginaire

Cast Millaray Painemal
Fernando Pairican
Tim Jackson
Emma de Ramón
Leonardo Mellado
José Maza
Sergio Grez
Alejandra Matus

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