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Availability ended 15/11/2020 BST
(12 Oct - 15 Nov worldwide) Maasai video collective Oltoilo Le Maa speak directly about their community's quest for self-determination and acknowledgement of their rights, and respect from other stakeholders to manage Maasai lands in the traditional way for the benefit of wildlife, the environment and Maasai culture. Oltoilo Le Maa produced with the support of InsightShare Network and A Growing Culture.

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About InsightShare

InsightShare’s Living Cultures initiative supports Indigenous Peoples to protect their territories, languages and cultures using Participatory Video. Living Cultures is a growing movement across Asia, Africa and the Americas uniting indigenous communities across borders; to celebrate, foster and protect their cultures with the principle of self-determination at its very heart.



Directed by Oltoilo Le Maa Maasai participatory video collective

Production Company InsightShare

Produced by Samwel Nangiria
Kooya Timan

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