Decolonising Cultural Spaces: Living Cultures Project

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Availability ended 15/11/2020 BST
(now - 15 Nov worldwide) Decolonising Cultural Spaces is a feature documentary part of the Living Cultures project coordinated by InsightShare, Oltoilo la Maa (Voice of the Maasai) and Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford in partnership with MAA Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. The documentary follows a delegation of seven Maasai representatives from Tanzania and Kenya spending two weeks in the UK working alongside British museums to decolonise cultural spaces by making them aware of their colonial history and how this can be addressed responsibly.

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About InsightShare

InsightShare’s Living Cultures initiative supports Indigenous Peoples to protect their territories, languages and cultures using Participatory Video. Living Cultures is a growing movement across Asia, Africa and the Americas uniting indigenous communities across borders; to celebrate, foster and protect their cultures with the principle of self-determination at its very heart.


Directed by Zoe Broughton
Nick Lunch

Production Company InsightShare

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