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This is Our Country Too

Availability ended 15/11/2020 GMT
*Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this documentary may contain images, voices and videos of deceased persons.
(now-15 Nov worldwide) *Cultural Sensitivity Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this documentary may contain images, voices and videos of deceased persons. From the makers of With or Without Fidel, Blood Diamonds and Bang Bang In Da Manor comes a brave new documentary that delves beyond Australia’s reputation of sun, surf and sand to reveal a nation ruptured by a deep racial divide and contested history. Taking the controversial 2007 Northern Territory Intervention as its starting point, This is Our Country Too is a hard-hitting investigation into Australia's woeful treatment of its Indigenous peoples, and a rare depiction of their unrelenting struggle for justice, equality and self-determination. In June 2007, the Australian government took the unprecedented step of suspending its Race Relations Act to introduce the Intervention - a series of draconian, federal-backed laws designed to control the flow of alcohol and pornography into 'prescribed communities' in the Northern Territory – a reactionary response to endemic alcoholism and allegedly endemic child abuse in these communities – though there is little official data to support the accusation. Featuring interviews with prominent Aboriginal leaders, Pat Turner, niece of 'Australia'a Mandela,' Charlie Perkins, Pat Dodson, spearhead of the reconciliation movement, actor/artist David Gulpilil and Jenny Macklin, Minister of Indigenous Affairs, This is Our Country Too puts the focus on Australia’s Indigenous people’s forgotten plight and advances the question: How will Australia reconcile with its Indigenous people?

Trouble In The Camp +Q&A

Availability ended 31/10/2020 GMT
WORLD DIGITAL PREMIERE — followed by Q&A with Greta Morton Elangué
(30-31 Oct WORLD DIGITAL PREMIERE — Director Q&A follows the film) There is trouble in the camp... and it has been that way for generations. Jinda is a woman warrior. She has been keeping culture alive and defending her people over many lifetimes. Lest we forget.

In My Blood It Runs +Panel

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In My Blood It Runs is a film and campaign for change https://inmyblooditruns.com/takeaction
(now-4 Nov UK only +Panel *see below. Film has captions for H/of Hearing) In My Blood It Runs is a compelling, rare insight into the world of 10-year-old child, Dujuan, who has been passed on a gift from his grandfather as a Traditional Healer. We walk with him as he begins to travel the school to prison pipeline paved by so many Indigenous kids before him and his family battle to keep him alive.

Not Just Numbers

Availability ended 30/10/2020 GMT
(29 Oct - 1 Nov worldwide) Not Just Numbers is the inspirational journey of a group of Aboriginal women to stop the violence in their communities.

Our Law

Availability ended 1/11/2020 GMT
(27 Oct-1 Nov worldwide) Deaths in police custody, racial profiling and a national incarceration rate more than a dozen times higher than non-Indigenous people have all contributed to a mistrust of law enforcement among Aboriginal people. But in Warakurna, residents’ wave at the police as they drive past. This Aboriginal community in Western Australia is now policed by two Aboriginal officers, a first step on a long road to changing a troubled relationship. Senior Sergeant Revis Ryder and Sergeant Wendy Kelly must learn to do so in consultation with one of the world’s oldest living cultures - and that means learning the local Ngaanyatjarra language.

The Good Deed

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(26 Oct-1 Nov UK & Europe only) Tyrone, a homeless Aboriginal boy is arrested by the LAW… Again !! But this time it’s going to take his uncle Lucky’s traditional LORE to fix the mess.

Ramo Mokuy 2: The Frakkers

Availability ended 1/11/2020 GMT
(30 Oct-1 Nov worldwide) An evil spirit is awoken by Frakking mining in his country and goes on a killing rampage in Ramingining.