The Good Deed

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(26 Oct-1 Nov UK & Europe only) Tyrone, a homeless Aboriginal boy is arrested by the LAW… Again !! But this time it’s going to take his uncle Lucky’s traditional LORE to fix the mess.

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Director Bio
Eugene is a successful independent artist who has been working for over 25 years in a wide variety of creative mediums, and now is primarily focused on film-making.

He is a seminal figure in the dance festival community in Australia and has worked under the moniker of 'Space Between the Gaps' for over 20 years as an Installation Artist and performer - Disc Jockey Krusty. During this time he has been involved in many artistic projects as an installation artist, festival director and event organiser (Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Maitreya), author (various books, magazines) record label (Green Ant), Electronic Music Composition (House of Pagan Christians, Organik Madjik) performance artists (Leather Butoh).

Currently Eugene has a number of film projects on his slate at various stages of development. His film 'Mutonia Burnout' was a Tropfest finalist in 2017 and won best edit and is now being pitched in Europe by a local distribution company to be extended into an hour-long feature. The latest short film project 'The Good Deed' has international distribution and is a proof of concept for a feature film titled 'Fire Boy'. The aim is to garner enough interest through the short to ‘green-light’ the feature and the London-based distributor will be working on managing this process.

Director Statement

It has been an honor working with indigenous elders Robbie Thorpe, Kevin Buzzacott and the late Isabelle Coe to create a fictional screenplay scenario that helps tell a small aspect of the unique life experiences and world-views that these great Australian people have to offer.

Both 'The Good Deed' and 'Fire Boy' stories emerged from my personal experiences with the Indigenous sacred fire ceremony and how this powerful tradition is still practiced today in Australia - to bring healing, unification and socio-political change to the lives of Aboriginal peoples and also to all other peoples who wish to participate in the ceremony and the accompanying story telling processes.


Directed by Eugene E~NRG

Written by Robbie Thorpe
Ray Edgar

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