Marks of Mana

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Availability ended 25/10/2020 BST
(23-25 Oct worldwide) The practise of tatau in the Pacific was once the domain of women, yet this ancient female art has been sidelined in history. This is the story of the women of Oceania who are putting the marks of their ancestors back onto their bodies again... Available Worldwide

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Director Bio

Lisa Taouma is a producer and director of content from the Pacific region. Her production company Tikilounge Productions makes a raft of TV, film and digital content with a special passion and focus on Oceania.

Director Statement

Marks of Mana is a special project for me, and having the responsibility of bringing these unique and personal stories of the female tikanga of tatau to life has been an honour.


Directed by Lisa Taouma

Produced by Lisa Taouma

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