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Wapikoni Mobile — Cinema on Wheels
(now-15 Nov worldwide) Wearing my Culture explores the pride that individuals in Inuit communities take in making and wearing their winter apparel. Thomassie looks at the bonds that are created within family, culture, and the environment through the creation of clothing.

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Director Bio

Ulivia Uviluk was born in Kuujjuaq on August 21st, 1998. She lives between Montreal and Kangirsuk, Nunavik. She is passionate about fashion. In her first involvement as a director with Wapikoni Mobile, Ulivia wanted to show how Inuit winter clothes are fashionable. She has been involved with Wapikoni for Native Montreal youth campaign against discrimination and has worked as a local coordinator for Montreal and Kangirsuk workshops.


Directed by Ulivia Uviluk

Production Company Wapikoni Mobile

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