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Wapikoni Mobile — Cinema On Wheels
(now-15 Nov worldwide) Tommy Kudluk is a handyman who spends most of his time on the land. He keeps Inuit traditions alive by fishing and eating just like his ancestors did. After catching an Arctic char with a spear, he makes his wife an "ulu", a traditional knife used by Inuit women so that she can prepare the fish for the family to enjoy.

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Director Bio

Tommy Kudluk was born on June 25, 1956, in Kangirsuk, an Inuit community in Nunavik. By participating in the Wapikoni Mobile workshop, Tommy wanted to share his culture and knowledge by showing how to make an uluk, a traditional knife used by women. In addition to being very manual, he is also the voice of Kangirsuk; he runs the village radio. He also works as a guide where he can use his knowledge of northern nature. He spends a lot of time in the wild, fishing and hunting.


Directed by Tommy Kudluk

Production Company Wapikoni Mobile

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