Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing

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(now-15 Nov worldwide) Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing is a story of two unlikely friends--a lemming and an Arctic hare--that decide to spend the day together ice fishing. The lemming embodies the calm, thoughtful nature of traditional hunters and those that live in the Arctic. This is contrasted with the well-meaning, but impatient Arctic rabbit. This is a fun, educational story that shows how important it is to be kind, thoughtful, and prepared for whatever comes.

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British Museum Arctic Culture and Climate  Peter Loovers curator's choice

Director Bio

Nadia Mike is an Inuit educator, writer, and film director. Although Nadia has lived in many communities across the North, she considers Iqaluit, Nunavut, her home. Nadia has two daughters, Leah and Jaime, who constantly teach her to be less serious and enjoy every day. These two girls have also reminded Nadia the importance of children's literature, and of having stories with settings, characters, and themes that show children that their lives and cultures are important enough to be in books and film. In 2016, she published her first picture book. Ukaliq and Kalla Go Fishing is her directorial debut.


Directed by Nadia Mike
Danny Christopher (Art Director)
Luke Coleman (Animation Director)

Written by Nadia Mike

Production Company Taqqut Productions

Produced by Neil Christopher
Danny Christopher
Louise Flaherty

Cast Anguti Johnston
Vinnie Karetak
Celina Kalluk

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