The Solemn Commitment to Palakuwan

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"In the Palakuwan you cannot become a good man by yourself. It is through the collective that we all become great and strong!"
(13-15 Oct worldwide) The Katratripulr community in Taitung County has, so far, kept the collective education of the traditional organizations of the age class of men alive, based in the 'Takuvang' and 'Palakuwan' houses, and is maintained by the educators and trainers of young men in the community. The older elders have observe their work performance: labor, service, and obedience. If they perform well, a ceremony is held to advance the vows every three years. The commitment to Palakuwan is learning to be a mature, well-trained man, to be the backbone of the community. This is the heritage of the core values of Katratripulr culture, but also the protection of community forces. The boys enter into the "Takuvang" house at the age of 8 and into the "Takuvakuvang" class. At 14 they enter the "Palakuwan", the youngest "valisen" class. This class must work, toil, obey their brother, and develop in other ways following the house of the higher class of brothers to complete a variety of tasks . But the boys still love to "Palakuwan". They want to be able to honour the "valisen" class and do the "Palakuwan" proud. This documentary reveals the collective strength and community thinking that the group of rebellious, mischievous adolescent boys have, willing to commit to "Palakuwan" through their labour, obedience and through listening to their training. The "Palakuwan" generates a strong sense of belonging. This documentary demonstrates the formative, educational significance of "Takuvang" and "Palakuwan" to modern Katratripulr society.

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Uki Bauki is an Indigenous Taiwanese documentary filmmaker and archivist from the Gemeran tribe in Hualien County. She holds a Masters from Tainan University of the Arts. Her work seeks to portray the perspective of Indigenous ethinicities and pass down their stories, and aid the mutual understanding and respect between Indigenous communities and mainstream society.


Directed by Uki Bauki

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