The Sheriff (Alguacer)

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In the Hands of Justice
(14-21 Oct worldwide) UK DIGITAL PREMIERE — Fernando is Kamëntsa, Indigenous and autochthonous to the Sibundoy Valley, in the south of Colombia. He is over 40, but still lives in his grandmother’s house and often parties. He is popular and earns a living as a broadcaster on the local radio. His family does not approve of his behaviour since he does not seek to change his lifestyle, in which he finds pleasure. Fernando was recently elected Sheriff. The Kamëntsa community has its own legal system with its own representatives, allowing everyone to be judged, on the territory, in line with and in compliance with their vision of the world. And Fernando now has the heavy burden of enforcing the law in his small town: summoning the accused, testifying in court or administering whippings as punishments. The Sheriff is a story of redemption whose account unfurls in a raw and poignant editing. In alternating scenes of Fernando’s day-to-day life, whether in the exercise of his new power or up to his usual mischief, there is an underlying question: will he be able to redeem his behaviour in his new function?

Director Bio

Director and documentary film producer. Graduate address and television and radio production in 2008. Study with directors like Patricio Guzmán, Everardo Gonzáles and Pablo Solarz, among others. Has made more than 8 documentaries for TV. His opera prima as director and feature-length photographer "the dance of the iguana" has received several recognitions during its stage of development and postproduction. His film "The Sheriff" was a beneficiary of the FDC for production of short documentary 2017.

Director Statement

The kamëntsa are a people full of secrets, a little reticent to be interviewed about certain topics in front of the cameras. They say that this is due mainly to the audio-visual raid they have been constantly victims of. They have been filmed many times, but few of them are satisfied with these recordings and the way they have been portrayed to the world. This community, known for their knowledge of traditional medicine and Yagé, wish to be in command of their stories to tell them from within, in a more intimate and humane way.


Directed by Samuel Moreno Alvarez

Production Company Tropico Atomico Films

Produced by Luis Pedro Jamioy

Cast Luis Fernando Juajibioy

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