The Long Ride Home

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(now -15 Nov worldwide) The over representation of First Nations children in child-care, stems from decades of suffering and intergenerational trauma. The infliction of these deeply stressful and disturbing experiences has led to dangerous coping methods, incarceration and often death amongst Indigenous populations. A brave group of Natives leave on a nomadic horseback journey 600 kms through the Canadian prairies. They come from many different cultures but are connected by their stories. With strengthening spirit and traditions, they attempt to spark change, raise awareness to the growing numbers of missing Indigenous women, '60s scoop survivors, and bring their children home.

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American Museum & Gardens — curator's choice celebrating Native American Heritage Month in UK

Director Bio

After 10 years as an internationally award winning commercial photographer and creative director Steve Haining seemed to flawlessly mesh into the realm of DOP. His experience in setting the mood and look for short films pushed his passion further as he began directing commercials and short films. In 2019 he took on his first feature length director roll with the controversial documentary The Long Ride Home.


Directed by Steve Haining

Written by Neil Sioux
Steve Haining

Production Company Create.of Inc

Produced by Neil Sioux (QBOW)

Cast John Eagle Sr.
Jim Miller
Neil Sioux
Levi Waditaka
Cheyenne Schlup

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