Tall Man

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Walking along a dark lonely road Chef is picked up by Kate. After taking her hostage he heads down to the local bar to see his old friends and Kate's husband Larry. He joins a poker game in the hopes of reconciling old differences and receiving an apology. A news flash on T.V informs Larry that chef has just escaped prison and is wanted with a $100,000.00 reward on his head. Larry raises the stakes betting on Chef's bounty. Chef calls the bet and raises Kate's life. The only question that remains is who has the upper hand?

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Director Statement

Sometimes you grow up thinking people are your friends. They are nice to you (to your face). They hang out with you, you share secrets with them, you trust them and hold them in a certain regard. Then one day (after a few shots of vodka sometimes) they reveal their true self. In that instant, with a simple word or action you realize they've never been your friend. It's like a knife in the back, a shot in the heart. And sometimes in that moment your friends become enemies and all their actions in retrospect take on a whole new meaning. And so is the case for Chef and his former comrades.

Director Biography

Algonquin from Kitigan-Zibi, Quebec. A Carpenter and father of five by day, filmmaker by night. Abraham Cote loves all things movies... Dark,scary and dripping with bloooooooooood! 


Directed by Abraham Cote

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