Sigo Siendo – Kachkaniraqmi (I Am Still Here)

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(13-18 Oct UK only) A film about the characters who make up the identity of a country, Sigo Siendo - Kachkaniraqmi (I Am Still Here) is a documentary which talks about music, but it is not a story only about musicians - it is not strictly a musical but rather a reflection on personal stories apparently very far apart, stories that look for one another in a country immersed in the struggle to find itself and create its own identity: Peru. Having been born in Peru, the director Javier Corcuera lived the most important part of his life in Lima, that great city where families from all corners of the country arrived. Millions of people landed in this coastal capital leaving behind their communities, their culture, their sounds. The great migration that began in the forties and fifties turned Lima and its slums into a place of refuge for the other peoples of Peru, who came in search of a better life. Here they found a new life, but not always what they were looking for. This film talks about the people who came to the big city and never lost their identity, who kept singing in their language, who maintained a unique way of playing the guitar, the violin, the harp, a way of telling stories, of saying who they are. From music and from the great masters of Peru's music, the film tells of the diversity of Peruvian culture, the complexity of the country, its past and present.

Director Bio

Javier Corcuera studied cinema in Peru, before   earning a degree in Image Studies from the Complutense University of Madrid. Since 2003, he has been the director of Festival Internacional de Cine del Sahara.


Directed by Javier Corcuera

Written by Ana de Prada

Produced by Rolando Toledo
Gervasio Iglesias

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