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Music Video for Portland based singer-songwriter KTP, performing RIVER from her latest album MAYBE TOMORROW.

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Director Bio:
LaRonn Katchia is a 27 year-old tribal member of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and is currently pursuing a passionate fillmaking career in Portland, OR. LaRonn grew up on the Warm Springs Indian Reservation and has lived there for 18 years of his life transitioning to the city of Portland for film school. His love and passion for film resides from the influence of the commonly mistreated portrayal of Native Americans in Hollywood films today.

"My mission is to change the Native stereotypes of film and get it right this time. The Native American perspective is what's missing in Hollywood today and needs to be brought to light. There are too many untouched original stories waiting to be filmed, and that being filmed by a Native American director."


Directed by LaRonn Katchia

Produced by Isaac Trimble

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