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Laugh and cry with Rez Rhyme, Zhonie and crazy uncle. A Navajo Nation coming to age comedy drama
(5-8 Nov worldwide +PANEL see below) UK DIGITAL PREMIERE — Rez Dogs is a feature film, comedy/drama. It’s a coming to age story about a group of young Diné Native Americans trying to figure out life outside of the reservation and everything in between. Come cry, laugh and cheer on as you follow the crazy cousins, Rez Rhyme the rapper, Zhonie the college prep girl, and of course the crazy uncle.

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Director Bio

Growing up in a small town in the Navajo Nation. Steven grew up around story tellers. He didn’t take the normal route of film school but learned film through YouTube and being an extra in film sets around New Mexico. He found his voice in cinema. Right now he is working hard on completing feature film called Rez Dogs which is a coming to age story on the Navajo Nation. His style and focus is on the Native American community where he feels lacks in media representation. You can find some of his work on


Directed by Steven Tallas

Written by Steven H Tallas

Production Company Native Nations Productions

Produced by Steven Tallas
Darienne Nez

Cast Owee Rae
Zohl Zhonnie
Christian young
Kendrick Holmes

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