Puktew Muin (Fire Bear)

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Availability ended 15/11/2020 BST
(8-15 Nov worldwide) Uncle shares the Mi'kmaq story of Skus and Muin, at a camp fire with his niece and nephew. As they listen, their imaginations take over and turn the story into their own interpretation of what is happening, with them playing the lead characters.

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Director Bio 
A multi-faceted Indigenous artist, Daniel Fortin has spent a decade learning most aspects of TV and Film. Founding his own production company, he recently produced and directed the unique 13 part documentary series ‘Merchants of the Wild’ for APTN, having aired in Feb. 2019 to great reviews, and recently released a CBC Short Doc titled “Hard Learning”. He is in post production for the Mi’kmaq language film 'Puktew Muin' and is currently exploring two feature films in Colombia this winter as well as co-writing an adaptation of the novel 'The Kings Daughter' by Suzanne Martel. His commitment continues to lay with Indigenous stories and culture while growing his own knowledge base. His short films have screened dozens of times internationally including screenings at WAFF, ImagineNative, Montreal First Peoples Film Festival, Regina International Film Festival and Whistler Film Festival.


Directed by Daniel Fortin

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