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(now-15 Nov worldwide) Elder man Robert Trimble is quarantined at home during Covid-19 and is in need of home goods. Unable to get the items himself without risking contagion he takes matters into his own hands...

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Director Bio

Joaquin Trujillo (16yr) is an up and coming writer and film director from Portland Oregon. 

Growing up in a multi-talented family [of artists, actors, musicians, directors, producers, and writers], Joaquin was always encouraged to explore his own creative directions. Drawn to Film and Media at a young age - his earlier works include stop-motion/claymation films and collaborative comedy clips and videos.

As the second son of Monika [Robideau] Trujillo and Freddy Trujillo; Joaquin’s Indigenous roots - both Native-American and Mexican-American - are significant influences on his creative endeavors. Joaquin keeps himself busy with at least one project at any given time - whether it be music or film related. Joaquin’s interests in film directing and script writing have been his greatest focus in recent months - including participating in the 48 Hour Film Project entry: ‘Promised Goods.’


Directed by Joaquin Trujillo

Written by Joaquin Trujillo

Produced by Isaac Trimble

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