Moose Hunting

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Wapikoni Mobile — Cinema on Wheels
(now-15 Nov worldwide) Moose Hunting illustrates a full day at the Eskasoni Youth (now-15 Nov worldwide) Moose Hunt Camp through the eyes of the children there. Through the narration of experienced hunting expert Allison Bernard and the chaperones we understand the importance of moose hunting juxtaposed with the excitement of the youth experiencing the camp for the first time.

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Director Bio

Katie Francis was born on June 23, 2005 in Sydney, Nova Scotia and raised in Eskasoni First Nation. She is a first-time director and found the process interesting and fun. She is a high school student, peer helper, and aspires to be a teacher when she’s older.


Directed by Katie Francis
Lemar Stevens
Nova Lee Francis

Production Company Wapikoni Mobile

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