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(12 Oct-15 Nov worldwide) Midang Midang is an old Kelabit courtship song, handed to musician Alena Murang by her Grand Aunt Tepu’ Ira. Kelabit people (population 6,000) are native to Borneo and their language is under threat, meaning it could disappear with Alena's generation. This contemporary adaptation of the song and it's story, is a project by Indigenous creative youths of Borneo and their teams.

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Alena Murang draws inspirations from the past and present, from her Dayak Kelabit heritage, growing up in nature's playground on the island of Borneo, living in the metropolitan Manchester and now Kuala Lumpur, her name has become synonymous with the sape', a lute instrument of the highland tribes of the island, created for the purpose of healing physical, spiritual and emotional ailments. The first female to professionally perform and teach the sape', Alena has been learning the instrument from master sape' player Mathew Ngau for twenty years, and also master Salomon Gau.


Directed by Sarah Lois Dorai

Produced by Alena Murang
Fabian Joseph

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