Media Resistance: Land & Water

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Wapikoni Mobile — Cinema on Wheels
(now-15 Nov worldwide) Media Resistance: Land & Water is Ashton Janvier’s second Wapikoni project that sheds light on the environmental injustices brought forth onto Dene land in Northern Saskatchewan by invasive uranium mining operations. Multigenerational voices reflect the crucial fight against environmental destruction.

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Born on May 12, 1992, Ashton is a young Denesuline from the community of La Loche. He attends University through a program at the Clearwater River Dene Nation School on the reserve. This is his first involvement with Wapikoni; he was the director of his first short film for creating awareness on the Patterson Lake uranium mining. He is passionate about Indigenous education, preservation of culture and language, as well as filming and acting. After he completes his teaching degree, he wants to teach in his community and educate his fellow Denesuline on indigenous studies.


Directed by Ashton Janvier

Production Company Wapikoni Mobile

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