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Intercepting Signals is about connecting to the earth and native ancestors, while becoming receptive to multidimensional life forms, and unlocking the ancient abilities of the spirit. Filmed in Southern Colorado.

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Director Bio:

Kenneth Marez Jr. (Ken Fury) is an artist working in multiple mediums including, painting, jewelry, music, dance, photography, and filmmaking. He is from Pueblo, Colorado, with origins descending from Native American and Hispano bloodlines from New Mexico.

His art explores the duality of nature such as creation and destruction with an emphasis on multi-dimensional figurations, abstractions, and spaces, eroticism, spirituality, and transformation. “My art is part of one expanding environment that focuses on stimulating all the senses while relying on intuition to create spontaneous works that attempt to pierce the core of emotion and spirit.”

Director Statement
Ken Fury’s art represents
the driving force of the dual polarities of existence - creation and destruction and how they work together as mirror images of themselves. His work expands on multi-dimensional figurations, abstractions, and spaces that derive from the exploration of his inner and outer worlds. Life, love, pain, transformation, eroticism, spirituality, and colonialism are some of the subjects that permeate Fury’s body of work, which is conveyed through a multi-sensory output of channels including painting, jewelry, music, dance, and filmmaking.


Directed by Ken Fury

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