Tiempo de Lluvia (In Times of Rain)

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*click cc for English subtitles (16-21 Oct UK, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany only) A powerful story of economic migration between rural and urban Mexico. Soledad is a matriarch and traditional healer whose daughter Adele left their village to work in Mexico City leaving behind her infant son. Years later, Soledad and her grandson Jose share a strong bond rooted in their love of culture and land. As she continues to pass on her knowledge and teachings to him, she receives an unexpected call that her daughter is getting married and intends for Jose to join them in the city. Fearing an uncertain future for them both, Soledad struggles to cope with her impending heartbreak as she awaits her daughter’s return.

Director Bio

Itandehui Jansen (Oaxaca, Mexico 1976) studied film directing at the Netherlands Film and Television Academy in Amsterdam. She has participated in different selective international training programs, such as the Berlinale Talent Campus. Her documentaries and short films screened at international festivals such as the IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam), The Morelia International Film Festival and the Bluestocking Film Series. Her short film The Last Council won several international awards and was nominated for the Mexican Film Critics Award Diosa de Plata. At present she is a lecturer Film and TV at the University of Edinburgh. 

Kii Nche Ndutsa (Time and the Seashell)

Availability ended 21/10/2020 BST
*click cc for English subtitles (16-21 Oct UK, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany only) A young Indigenous boy imagines his future while listening to the sounds of a seashell, while an Indigenous man recalls his past listening to the same shell. The man remembers listening to birds and looking at fireflies in his childhood, but these are no longer there. The short film is invites an audience to consider past, present and future of a changing landscape and vanishing biodiversity.