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A short film about the journey of Jazmine Smith, a Transgender, two spirited woman, living her best life and inspiring others to never give up.

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Director Bio

Jazmine Smith grew up on Flying Dust First Nation, a Cree reserve located in North-Western Saskatchewan. She’s always had a passion for beauty and style and attended beauty schools in Saskatchewan, Alberta and soon British Columbia. Jazmine runs Transcendence Beauty studio, geared towards helping transgender woman, crossdressers and drag queens. She is the eldest of three children, with a younger brother and sister, a beautiful loving, supporting mother and stepfather. Family is everything to her. She married her loving husband Spencer Smith in Las Vegas and lives in North Vancouver BC with their two dogs. She is currently attending Business Administration classes online and plans to further her education in beauty and film. 

I Am Me has won many awards in 2020 including Best Documentary 300 Seconds Short Film Festival and the Audience Award at Skoden Film Festival. It featured in Vogue Magazine's review of imagineNative festival 2019. As well as successful screenings across the festival circuit, I Am Me is also being screened online across Canada through a program for Residential School reconciliation and healing called Every Child Matters. 


Directed by Jazmine Smith

Production Company Wapikoni Mobile

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