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(22-29 Oct worldwide) The personal story of the greatest tragedy in Greenlandic maritime history, told by the grandson of one of the 95 passengers who lost their lives on the cold stormy night of January 30th, 1959, when M/S Hans Hedtoft - on its maiden voyage - allegedly hit an iceberg.

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British Museum Arctic Culture and Climate  Peter Loovers curator's choice

Director Bio

Award-winning shortfilm director and producer. Educated from the university of Aarhus, Denmark, Inuk has been making home movies and short animations since his childhood in Greenland. As an adult he has been involved in several marketing / shortfilm productions as well as being an active member of the film making community of Greenland, Film.gl. As an Indigenous filmmaker he has a focus on aesthetic images and personal stories that touch on the identity, history, and culture of the Greenlandic Inuit people.

Director Statement

This is the first film about the greatest maritime tragedy in the history of Greenland, told from the personal perspective of a grandson who has spent his adult life searching for a lost grandfather. On a cold and stormy night in January 1959 ninety-five people from all walks of life lost their lives off the coast of Greenland, and yet much of the coverage in the media at the 
time and to this day has focussed on conspiracies, passing the blame, and the societal consequences of the tragedy of 
M/S Hans Hedtoft.

With this film I hope to avoid all grandiose chatter and noise 
and instead focus on the personal story of the tragedy, told by a close relative of one of the people who lost their lives. This is a story of sorrow, perseverance, and hope. This is a story that needs to be told and remembered.

A special thank you, Per Kunuk Lyberth-Lynge for your 
willingness to cooperate on this project and for your vital 
knowledge and input during the planning of this shortfilm. 
And thanks to Small Time Giants for the inspirational music, 
and being willing to letting your song be part of this little 


Directed by Inuk Jørgensen

Written by Per Kunuk Lyberth-Lynge

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