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(22-25 Oct UK only) Gukki Nuka (53) is an artist returning to the hometown where he was sexually abused as a child. Kornelia (24) is working with her psychologist to break the grip of her anxiety caused by her childhood and abuse. While following two personal stories, the documentary examines the wider social context and implications of sexual abuse, seeking to understand the debilitating issue.

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British Museum Arctic Culture and Climate  Peter Loovers curator's choice

Director Bio

Nivi Pedersen (b. 1989) is a Greenlandic filmmaker working from Nuuk, the capital of Greenland. 

She grew up in Aasiaat, which is a town of 3.000 people located right at the entrance to the Disco Bay on the West coast of Greenland. Nivi moved to Nuuk in 2012.

Graduating from The European Film College in Denmark in 2017 Nivi returned to Nuuk to pursue a career in film. 

Wanting to portray different aspects of Greenland and the Greenlandic culture for both a national and an international audience Nivi started Nivaara Films in 2017.

Director Statement

I wanted to make a film that could give a viewer who has been sexually abused a feeling of hope, inspiration and a sense of having been understood. And I wanted to give a viewer who has not been sexually abused a chance of better understanding a detrimental issue in our society that we all need to know more about in order to change anything. The film needed to show the psychological aspects, processes and complications that are a consequence of sexual abuse for these very reasons. 
Combining the two main characters’ stories and knowledge of themselves with the task force psychologists’ knowledge of the subject overall, I feel is what has made this film achieve the goal of understanding a very complex personal struggle as well as an underlying social construct in our society in Greenland today.


Directed by Nivi Pedersen

Production Company Nivaara Films

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