Gik:skwod: How I Lost My Indian Name

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In this experimental short film, the filmmaker shares how he lost his Indian name. BACKGROUND: This is storytelling told through narration, images and text. In "Gik:skwod," The filmmaker made cuts according to his eye blinks. During his film studies at Syracuse University, he read an excerpt from Walter Murch's "In the Blink of an Eye: Perspective of Film Editing." In the excerpt, he explains how we naturally edit what we see through our eye blinks. The filmmaker wanted to experiment with this concept.

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Director Bio

Terry Jones (Seneca – wolf clan) is a Native American filmmaker and educator currently living on the Seneca Nation territory in Western New York. Growing up on an American Indian reservation has given Jones a unique worldview perspective. Jones has a passion for sharing Iroquois history and culture through his videos and sharing of indigenous foods. It is Jones’ intention to engage his audiences’ five senses through his work.


Directed by Terry Jones

Production Company Torn Jersey Media

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