Digital Body Painting with Indigenous Karapotó Plaki-ô

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Karapotó Plak-ô — Brazil
12 Oct-15 Nov — worldwide. An extension of the concept of body painting with the use of technology opening the door to new experiences and new conversations. Members of Karapotó Plak-ô community drew elements present in their natural environment which were then animated and projected onto their bodies.

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Director Bio

Bruno Gomes – Mulungu / CE / Brazil: Illustrator, writer, tattoo artist, and flute player in his free time. Researcher of Indigenous art and culture. His passion is to connect imagination and feelings in creating images that tell stories. 

This clip is from an Arts residency with Karapotó Plak-ô community, municipality of São Sebastião, Alagoas, Brazil, 7-18 June, one of 14 Artist Residencies promoted by Thydêwá for artist co-creation with Indigenous Peoples. 


Directed by Bruno Gomes

Written by Karapotó Plak-ô Collective

Production Company Sebastian Gerlic Bruno Gomes

Produced by Karapotó Plak-ô Collective

Cast Karapotó Plak-ô Community

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