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(now-15 Nov worldwide) A young girl is upset about her father's constant cell phone use taking away from their playtime. One night, she dreams about taking the phone high into the mountains to hide it from him. But, was it really just a dream? Seen through the eyes of a child, Bury It demonstrates how technology can enslave us while the wilderness can free us.

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Director Bio

Leigh Murphy is a citizen of Cherokee Nation, born and raised in Oklahoma. Leigh fell in love with 'making movies' when in elementary school, and alongside her successful 14-year career in marketing, is pursuing filmmaking, her ultimate passion, part-time. Her only formal training consists of one college course years ago and her only camera is the one on her iPhone 11.

Leigh holds a Master of Arts in New Media Studies from DePaul University, a Master of Science in Management and Organizations from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Spanish from University of Tulsa.

Director Statement

"Bury It is my first film and was shot on the iPhone 11. The film is a statement on our society's addiction to electronic devices and how we are losing touch with the world around us, even our children. The central themes are loneliness and discovery of the natural world and one's connection to it. The inspiration for the short film came from a time where I worked in a high-stress job and at the same time battled being very ill. During that time I longed to spend more time with my daughter, the rest of my family, and in the wilderness which is my happy place. That dark busy time is now in the past and I have learned to cherish every moment. I hope this film inspires others to reconsider how they are spending their time and the current path they are on. The three-year-old actress in the movie is my real-life daughter, Isabelle."


Directed by Leigh Murphy

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