Bringing Home the Blubber

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Availability ended 29/10/2020 BST
(22-29 Oct worldwide) With the mountains and ice floes of Greenland as backdrop, Ujuunnguaq Heinrich arguably has the most beautiful workplace on earth. “I wouldn’t trade this for the world!” he says smiling at the camera, before returning his gaze towards the horizon. Hunting seals is all he has ever known, but things could have turned out very differently for Ujuunnguaq, as we learn in this intimate documentary. As trust is gained, his story unfolds - one of unbearable loss and personal struggle. Once a broken man, we discover how he managed to find strength in being vulnerable. This documentary offers a glimpse into Ujuunnguaq’s incredible life and the bigger issues that the Inuit face today - from an inside perspective.

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British Museum Arctic Culture and Climate  Peter Loovers curator's choice

Director Bio

Molly Adams is a Danish/British filmmaker with a background in commercial and documentary editing. She graduated from the European Film College with a degree in post-production and has since then worked as an editor for companies in Denmark, Palestine and most recently, England. After years of editing other people’s films, she decided to pursue her own creative ventures as a self-shooting director with the eye of an editor; capturing stories from a unique perspective.


Directed by Molly Adams

Cast Ujuunnguaq Heinrich

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