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(3-5 Nov worldwide) A Native American country singer is court ordered to 180 days of wellness therapy after 10 years of reckless alcoholism. Blackwater follows the story of Birdie Blackwater. A washed up Native American country singer from the Reservation who found stardom and fame at an early age. Now on her last leg career wise, and having burnt every bridge across America, Birdie finds herself alone and broke returning to her home land trying to cope with her life as it spirals out of control after ten years of reckless, unchecked, alcoholism.

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Director Bio

Boise Esquerra hails from Parker,AZ and is a Native American (Hopi)/Hispanic filmmaker enrolled in the Colorado River Indian Tribes in Parker, AZ. He is currently attending school at the New York Film Academy (Screenwriting) and is in his 9th year of filmmaking. He currently holds his BA in Digital Filmmaking and Video Production and an MFA in Filmmaking. He has great passion for the entire spectrum of filmmaking and every aspect that goes into it. Some of Boise's inspiration comes from much of his life's experience's and stories from real life events. Currently Boise resides in Burbank, CA with his dog Toby.

Director Statement

Filmmaking as a medium for storytelling is my calling in life. I realized this only 8 years ago getting a late start at age 33, however; I have never looked back and and have never been happier. Since my journey began, I have quickly earned both my BA and MFA in filmmaking having excelled to the top of my class during my 5 years in film school and still continue to in Screenwriting. During this time I have gone on to shoot multiple short films having my latest one "Cowboy" picking up multiple awards from numerous festivals while also earning an "Achievement in Directing" award at last years LA Skins Festival in Hollywood. "Cowboy" was my MFA thesis film produced at the New York Film Academy in Burbank,CA. starring Tony Amendola (Annabelle, Once Upon a Time, Mask of Zorro) and Joy Darash ( Gilmore Girls, Hunky Dory). The film reflects my personal style and technique of cinematic storytelling. I love stories with realism and subtlety, stories with a quiet but loud message.

Before my calling, much of my early years were consumed with various dependencies throughout my teens and up until I was 33 years of age. From there, I came to realize who my God was and what he wanted for me, and was forever freed from my bondage of addiction. I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional family, but a loving one nonetheless. I found a new addiction...filmmaking :)

During my time here at the New York Film Academy, I have found the screenwriting program the perfect outlet for being able to translate many of the experiences and stories me and my loved ones have had to endure in this life... "Blackwater The Series" is one such reflection. I have my Tribe to thank for allowing me (They fund my schooling) the priceless opportunity to even be able to embark upon this journey.


Directed by Boise Esquerra

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