Indigenous Culture Matters: Baila Peru

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Director statement

Baila Peru was founded in 1988 to promote Peruvian culture in the UK.  Huaynos, Huaylarsh and Andean carnival dances were the first rhythms performed by Baila Peru.  Founder members are of Andean origin.  Naturally, it is the Andean inspiration that gave rise to Baila Peru in the UK.

We believe it is important to promote the education of ancestral cultural values to develop and strengthen Baila Peru’s artistic work through dancing and acting, embracing diversity and native languages such as Quechua.

As homage to our cultural heritage, our new video launched on 12th October 2020, ‘Indigenous Culture Matters’, aims to raise awareness about the need for positive empowerment of Andean women; reflecting on their strengths, serenity, spirituality and collectivism.  It exposes our vital connection with educators and folklorists in Peru.  It calls upon the visibility of Indigenous women and their communities, the need for information on the different levels of discrimination they face. A matter that should concern us all.  It honours the woman who inspired one of Peru’s most representative songs and dances, ‘Valicha’.  Thus, the video represents the beauty and dignity of Andean women.

Baila Peru, 14.10.20


Directed by Long Luong
Jessica Luong

Cast S. Stanford
C. Turner
A. Fabian
S. James
R. A. S. Butron
J. Luong

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