Awaskinawason (Children of Earth)

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Availability ended 15/11/2020 BST
Wapikoni Mobile — Cinema on Wheels
(now-15 Nov worldwide) Awaskinawason is made up of the Atikamekw words awacic (child), aski (earth) and takonawason (having the responsibility for). An animated short calling on us to respect the great circle of life.

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Director Bio

Antony Dubé is an Atikamekw from Manawan, who participated for the first time with the Wapikoni mobile. His passions are his culture, and especially it's preservation. His efforts are above all to preserve his mother tongue. Antony likes to work among his people within the areas of education and communication.


Directed by Antony Dubé

Production Company Wapikoni Mobile

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