As The Smoke Rises

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(9-15 Nov worldwide) A Native elder explains the tremendous healing power of smudging handed down thousands of years ago.

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American Museum & Gardens — curator's choice celebrating Native American Heritage Month in UK

Director Bio

Sharon Heigl worked in the non-profit sector for over 25 years and, at age 50, made a career change. She decided to nurture her art skills and went to a specialized arts program in Alberta where she learned to tan hides, do leatherwork, paint, sculpt wood and soapstone, weld and more.

She did some acting on the set of 'Jamestown' for last three seasons and, after returning to BC, was accepted into film boot camp at ACCESS where she was part of a team that created and shot two short films that were shown at the International Indigenous Film Festival in Vancouver.

Sharon has a passion for cinema and is creating and directing her own documentaries and films.


Directed by Sharon Heigl

Written by Jennifer Ille

Production Company Blue Fire Production Inc.

Produced by Jennifer Ille

Cast Viviane Rose Sandy

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